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Pettistree Regional Oil Purchasing Syndicate ‘the friendly way to buy heating oil’

PROPS arranges the supply of heating oil, at bulk prices, on behalf of the residents of all the villages in the wider area around Pettistree and Wickham Market.

Principal Benefits:

The service is FREE to join and operated by PROPS on behalf of the residents of our villages with the assurance that the syndicate has absolutely no connection with the oil industry and is carried out on an entirely voluntary basis.

Members can expect significant savings against 'individual order' prices.

The scheme operates on 5 simple steps:

Placements are currently made eight times a year at a frequency to coincide with average usage. Currently the "Cut-Off" dates for these placements are:

You can only order for the first date shown until it has expired.  You cannot forward order for any of the other dates, they are only listed to aid you with your fuel usage planning

"Cut-Off" Dates may be subject to change according to supply and market conditions, seasonal demands, the capabilities of the delivery company, and outside influences beyond our control.

See the  FAQ page for 'Frequently Asked Questions 'and answers.


PROPS is a voluntary local community initiative

PROPS is the Pettistree & Region Oil Purchasing Syndicate and it will, on a best efforts basis and without liability on our part, help you to achieve more favourable pricing on your contracts with a variety of suppliers for your purchases of heating oil.