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The PROPS Service Closed on 3rd February 2016

PROPS has been providing its heating oil purchasing service for almost 5 year during which time we have facilitated the purchase of 3,500,000 litre of heating oil and saved our members a total of about £150,000.

Since we launched the PROPS service in February 2010 the awareness of the potential saving which an oil buying syndicate can achieve has become widespread and many syndicates have been created.

The effort required to run an oil buying syndicated is not insignificant and increasingly syndicates are amalgamating in order to reduce the effort required operate and in order to strengthen customers buying power. However the bigger the syndicated the more time consuming it becomes to operate.

It is with these factors in mind that we have decided to close PROPS immediately after the February 2016 cut-off date and signpost our members toward the on-line conglomerated syndicate services now available through the internet. Two such conglomerates are the Oil-Club at and the Suffolk ACRE Community Buying scheme at .

To join such a service all that you will need to do is identify the service's website you wish to use and then register your membership. You should find that these services operate in a very similar way to that of PROPS.

In conclusion, we would like to thank you for being a member of PROPS and we hope that we have been able to provide you with some savings and convenience while helping you purchase your heating oil.

PROPS Management Team