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Pettistree Regional Oil Purchasing Syndicate ‘the friendly way to buy heating oil’


Q. How does it work?

Q. Is there a fee to join PROPS?

A. No, it is free for an annual membership with PROPS.
There is no obligation to request oil until you are ready to do so, however, you must place at least one request for the minimum of 500 litres in each 12 month period of your membership and by so doing your membership remains 'active'.
Failing this your membership will expire.

Q. How do I Register

A. On request, you will be directed to the application form for this purpose, (or alternatively if there are no current vacancies your name will be put on our waiting list)
Once registration is completed and confirmed, you will be asked to check the details that we have recorded, which will then be held ready for when you need to request oil.

Q Do I need to make a separate registration every year

A. No. Providing you have met the requirements of membership, and have placed at least one request for the minimum of 500 litres in each 12 month period your membership will remain active.

Q. What is a "Cut-Off"?

It's a deadline i.e. the latest date and time (5pm) by which we can accept your request for oil, it is NOT a delivery date neither is it an Order Placement date. The placement is made after we have negotiated the best price & delivery , usually 2 days after the cut off date.

Q. What is a Placement?

It is when we pass over the members oil requirement to the nominated supplier. Once placed, the member will be advised by PROPS of the suppliers details. Delivery to be agreed and confirmed between the member by the supplier. Once the placement has been made, ALL questions related to your order MUST be directed to the supplier.

Q. When are the Oil Delivery Dates?

Deliveries are usually made within 10 working days following placement, but this is dependent on seasonal demands, the capabilities of the delivery company, and outside influences beyond our control. Do not use PROPS if your requirement is an emergency. Plan ahead and don't run out!!

Q. How do I order my oil?

Fill out and submit the Oil Request form, accessed here: Oil Request Form.
You MUST put a quantity in the Quantity required box, "Top Up" - "Fill the Tank" - "Fill Up" etc., etc., are NOT acceptable.
If you want your tank filled up then ask the driver when he comes, and/or leave a note on your tank to "please fill up". If the driver can not get it all in the tank they will only charge you for what they do put in.

Q.Is there more than one type of Oil?

Yes. The syndicate deals in two types of heating oil,

  1. Kerosene (28sec) - the most commonly used, and
  2. Gas Oil (35 sec) sometimes called Red Diesel.

If you don't know what type of heating oil you use, look at your last heating oil bill, or phone the supplier of your last delivery. You must register separately with PROPS  for each type of oil you will be requesting.

Q. How do I pay for my oil?

Payments can usually be made by cash, credit/debit card or cheque by prior arrangement with the supplier.
Standing orders are NOT possible as the negotiated price and the selected oil supplier are not known in advance. This is only known once the placement has been made.(Please remember that credit cards usually attract a surcharge of 2.5%).You can not pay for your oil through PROPS.

Q. Can I get the syndicate discounted price if I don't order though the scheme?

No. If you need oil urgently outside the scheduled placement dates you are free to negotiate with any supplier and, as a registered member, still request your next delivery through PROPS.

Q. Will I know the price before I decide to order?

No! You will see from the How does it work? section above and due to the volatility of the markets, that we don't know the price until we have carried out the final negotiations, i.e. the day after "Cut-Off". The day after the placement has been made, this price will be advised to all members who have requested oil. If you wish to do so, you then have 24hrs maximum to cancel your request  by e-mail, directly with the nominated supplier.

Q What about cancelling or changing the order?

This is possible but cancellations or changes within 24 hours of the delivery, especially if the vehicle is already en route, may incur an administration fee by the supplier. You must notify the supplier by e-mail.

Q. What if I am on holiday when the delivery will be made?

Tell us in advance. Take you mobile with you and we will tell the supplier to contact you on your mobile.( make sure that the service you have supports its use in the region where you are going AND/OR,
Arrange for a family member or friend, to unlock your Tank/Gates and to have your card details to give to the supplier, let us know their phone number and we will pass that number on to the chosen supplier for that delivery only.

Q. "I think I can only can get 500 litres in my tank but would like more"

You must be as accurate as you can with your request. If the driver is not able get it all in, he will deliver all he can and adjust the qty on your delivery note - you will only pay for what the driver puts in your tank!! If you want your tank filled up then we suggest you be there to ask the driver when he comes, or leave a note on your tank to "please fill up".

Q. I am moving home, can I still be a member?

Yes, if you are staying in the PROPS area - e-mail us to check this - then advise us of your new address and full contact details as soon as possible. Don't forget to tell your buyer about PROPS as they may wish to join.
Memberships are not transferable to incoming purchasers of your property, they must contact PROPS and sign individually.

Q. Do I need to have e-mail?

No. But, all contact between PROPS and its members is by e-mail so, if you do not have e-mail you can use a friend or neighbour as a point of contact  to register, place your order, and to receive information updates.

PROPS is the Pettistree & Region Oil Purchasing Syndicate and it will, on a best efforts basis and without liability on our part, help you to achieve more favourable pricing on your contracts with a variety of suppliers for your purchases of heating oil.