Parochial Church Council

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is the governing body of the local church. It is established under the umbrella of the Deanery, Diocese and Church of England. It has to comply with all the rules of the Church of England, which is why it may appear very long-winded and old-fashioned at times, but it does ensure that irrevocable changes to buildings and land are fully debated at various levels before they are made.

The PCC is elected annually by church members and is normally chaired by the Vicar. Like all formal organisations there is a treasurer and a secretary. The Diocese (St.Edmunsbury and Ipswich) requires careful accounts and formal records to be kept of all transactions, and maintains an annual check on the activities of the PCC and it's care of the Church and the fixtures and fittings.

In Pettistree the PCC was the forerunner of the Parish Council and until the 1970s played a very large part in the running of the village and also it's social welfare. Luckily there are a great many documents in the care of the Suffolk Record Office detailing the events organised and expenses incurred by the PCC's of the past.

Today it meets 4 times a year, keeps an eye on expenditure, tries to organise the maintenance of the buildings and grounds, discusses the style of worship with the vicar and liaises with other organisations in the village. The Pettistree PCC feels that it is important to be open to new ideas but also to ensure that villagers do not feel excluded by change.


Revd Leslie Siu Chairman
Mary Allen  
Betty Beale  
Kevin Blyth Church Warden
Revd Jenny Catchpole  
Mary Garner Secretary
Bryan Hall
Maggie Hallett Deanery Synod representative
Brian Nobbs  
Daphne Rose Deanery Synod representative
Gerry Smith Treasurer (co-opted)
Rita Smith  
Geraldine Thompson  
Carolyn Westrope Church Warden
  • Maggie Hallett, 01728 746210
  • Kevin Blyth, 01728 748205
  • Carolyn Westrope, 01728 746139