The Suffolk Hedgerow Survey

Photo of Pettistree Hedgerow Survey team

Five years ago the Suffolk Coastal Greenprint Forum (which was set up to involve communities and interest groups in Local Agenda 21), began promoting a voluntary hedgerow survey and set up a sub-group which proceeded to organise training sessions, information packs and back-up support to enable interested groups in Suffolk Coastal to complete a hedgerow survey in their parish.

The survey seeks not only to record the existence of all hedgerows, but also carry out detailed surveys of representative sample lengths of each hedge indicating the number of hedgerow species present, the ways the hedgerow is managed and its relationship with adjoining features.

Photo of Two of the Pettistree Hedgerow survey team At the end of the survey, data, in a form agreed by English Nature, will be sent to the Suffolk Biological Records Centre and the survey material will be kept by the Parish, for anyone to see.

The Pettistree survey, is one of 200 being undertaken by parishes countywide, and the 'Hedgerow Team' are enjoying the work involved. They have received tremendous support from local farmers and hope to present the results at the Pettistree Heritage Weekend in July 2005.

Anyone interested in this work can find further information from:

Guy Ackers
Chairman of Suffolk Coastal's Greenprint Forum Hedgerow Sub Group
Telephone: 01394 383264
Wilf Garford
A member of the Hedgerow Sub Group from Suffolk Coastal District Council
Telephone: 01394 444290
Ann Sayer
Coordinator Pettistree Hedgerow Survey
Telephone: 01394 460639