Pettistree Heritage

The Local History Recorder, appointed in 1993, staged the first Heritage Exhibition in 1995. As more material about the village was collected it became obvious that a larger exhibition five years later, to celebrate the Millennium, would be of interest. In order to stage this money was required and it was decided to apply to the Lottery Fund.

Photo of Millennium 2000 exhibition To this end it was necessary to have a committee and so the Pettistree Heritage was born. It consists of seven members, meets at least four times a year and organises small as well as large exhibitions, raising funds as necessary for running costs. The archive is now owned by the Parish Council who, if necessary, gives support with a small annual grant.

Photo of Jubilee 2002 garden party There are enquiries and contributions from all over the world through the help of modern technology.

In 2006 an informative talk entitled Early English Gardens and the Importance of Mounts and Canals with special reference to Pettistree was given by Edward Martin, Archaeological Officer in Landscape History with Suffolk County Council.

In 2007 a most interesting and entertaining evening was given by Charlie Haylock with particular reference to the development of the Suffolk dialect interspersed with examples of Suffolk humour.

In 2008 the annual talk was given by Mr Peter Driver, his topic being A Grave Business. Whilst the title sounded rather gloomy the audience quickly realised just how much you could learn about those who had gone before just by walking around a church and its surroundings. All aspects of social life are there if we only look - social standing, fashion, professions and family portraits. Peter injected a sense of humour into the proceedings making the evening very enjoyable.


Chairman Cath Caudwell
Secretary Evelyn Whitfield
Treasurer Mary Garner
Maggie Hallett
Maureen Stollery
Evelyn Whitfield

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