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Neighbourhood Watch

In recent weeks there has been a significant number of minor incidents occurring in and around Pettistree. Many of these have now been reported by third parties but well after the events. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to report any incident, however minor, directly to the police as only then can a fuller picture be gained.

There are 3 ways you can do so:

If a crime is in progress or police assistance is required don't hesitate to dial 999 - criminals need to be caught in the act for the police to deal with them really effectively.

Less urgent matters can be directed to 01473 613500 via the Incident Room eg. Reporting motorbikes or cars causing a nuisance on playing fields or around our roads - don't leave it until another day.

To log all types of minor non-urgent police matters you can leave a message on the Community Intelligence hotline - 0800 7839112.

This can include 'after the event' damage to property of any kind, including graffiti and vandalism that you might not normally consider reporting.

Only if all incidents are logged can a truer picture of our everyday problems be gained.

If leaving information on an answer-phone make sure you give clear details of the date and time the event was discovered, and a contact number and name.

Your local Community Police Officer, Pc Mark Thompson, is also keen to hear from anyone who has seen or heard a car with a loud exhaust driven, or parked, in the area. He can be contacted at Woodbridge police station on 01473 613500 (ask for Woodbridge when your call is answered).

Finally, you are strongly advised to keep sheds and vehicles securely locked at all times.

Cath Caudwell

  • Dave Caudwell on 01728 747170
  • Community Police Officer - Mark Thompson, tel. 01473 383487 (do not use this number for reporting crimes or incidents - call 01473 613500)