Pettistree Parish Council

Photo of Pettistree village sign Pettistree Parish Council was formed in 1970 at the instigation of Mr W Frith, one of the parishioners. He then acted as Parish Clerk for many years. At that time there were five members. In 1988 the membership was increased to seven and has remained so ever since. The problems dealt with in the past were similar to those of today, drainage, ditches, and in the early days the building of the Wickham Market by-pass which had been awaited for over thirty years.

The Parish Council is a statutory elected body the membership of which has been elected by eligible residents (electors) of the village at 4 yearly intervals since 1971. The next election will be held in May 2027.

Members of The Council
Chairman Cllr Susan Jones
Vice Chairman Cllr James Hayward
Planning Cllr Tom Over
Roads Cllr James Clarke
Village maintenance contact Cllr Chris Cook
SALC representative Cllr Susan Jones
Safeguarding Cllr Mary Chilvers
PC Delivery overview Cllr Susan Jones
IT matters Cllr James Hayward
Landscape & Tree warden Cllr James Hayward
Village Hall representative Cllr Chris Cook
Environment Cllr Olivia Smith
Conservation area and listed buildings All Councillors
Clerk Andrew Staples
Responsible Finance Officer Simon Ashton
Footpaths Warden Judy Steventon

The Parish Council is answerable to the electors for its actions and is empowered to levy a portion of Council Tax through East Suffolk Council to fund its activities within the village. The Parish Council acts on behalf of the community and is responsible for the custody of footpaths, bridleways and open spaces such as the Village Green. It also acts as the "local voice" in for example lobbying the County Council on highways, making representation to the District Council about property development planning applications, and in speaking for the Village in, for example, the local government consultative process on matters which may have an impact on the Village.

At the Annual Parish Meeting, which is held in April or early June, local electors can discuss any issues that they may wish the Parish Council to focus upon in the forthcoming year.

Details of Parish Council business and activities can be found on the Meetings, Minutes and Accounts pages.

See Meetings for date and venue of next meeting.