A Bell Ringing Year, 2004 - 2005

January 2004

1st After a small party in the tower for the band and friends we rang in the New Year.

2nd A quarter peal, 1260 Grandsire Doubles. Rung half-muffled following the funeral of a member of the congregation.

4th A quarter peal before evensong, 1260 Pettistree Bob Minor.

24th Pippa opened her house to us for an Italian Evening. Although many of us made dishes of food, nothing prepared us for the wonderful spread that Pippa had put together. It was a brilliant evening.

(Some of us had been on a tour to Northern Italy, which included some Italian style ringing - Veronese and Bolognesi. We rang English style on the Veronese bells, but did not try Bolognesi style!)

February 2004

1st A quarter peal before evensong, 1320 Bedford Surprise Minor.

6th The Pettistree Dinner was organised by Kate. About twenty of us sat down at the Thomas Seckford in Woodbridge. It was another successful and filling evening.

28th Mike arranged our first quarter peal morning of the year. We started at Woodton on a snowy morning, thence to Ditchingham, where there was newly refurbished ringing chamber, with carpet and oscillating heater, complete with new loo below. The final tower was Redenhall and how wonderful were those bells. We repaired to a local pub, where the food was excellent.

March 2004

7th A quarter peal before evensong, 1440 Plain Bob Minor, with 84 singles!

27th A quarter peal, 1260 Grandsire Doubles, was rung by a Sunday service band to celebrate the birth of Richard on March 25th, a son for Jonathan and Suzanne

31st Another quarter peal, 1260 Mixed Doubles, rung by a different six members of the band to celebrate Richard's birth.

April 2004

4th A quarter peal before Palm Sunday evensong, 1320 Ipswich Surprise Minor.

25th A peal, 5040 Golden Wedding Treble Place Minor. This was for John and Barbara Jennings. Although no longer ringing with us John had been a tremendous support to the band, both at practices and on Sundays, as we started up in the mid eighties. John and Barbara came along at the end and we all repaired to the pub for a celebratory drink.

May 2004

1st We entered two bands for the District Striking competition at Sproughton. This was the first time we had entered two bands since 1987! One rang method, the other rounds and call changes. We came fourth and fifth.

2nd A quarter peal before evensong, 1320 Plain Bob Minor.

15th The Guild 6 Bell Striking Competition was held at Reydon. We were placed 6th. The tea was excellent. In the evening the Guild 8 Bell was in Southwold. This was the second time that Pettistree had entered a team and we acquitted ourselves quite well.

June 2004

6th A quarter peal before evensong, 1260 Hereward Bob Minor.

19th Our coach outing took us to Essex or was it Hertfordshire or Cambridgeshire? As in previous years it was well supported, with both ringers and non-ringers. Our first tower was in the pretty village of Arkesden, then to Chrishall, a little tricky with a long draft. The tower at Littlebury had very, very, very loud bells and we lunched just down the street at the Queen's Head which did us proud. Next came Mike's home tower of Barley and thence to Barkway where there was a picture of Mike's grandfather on the wall of the ringing chamber. Finally we crossed the border into Cambridgeshire to ring at Meldreth. The bells here were great. We arrived as they were clearing up the fete and many of us enjoyed the ice creams which were on sale.

July 2004

4th A quarter peal before Patronal Festival evensong and the dedication of the Millennium Kneeler for the altar rail, 1260 Plain Bob Minor.

August 2004

1st A quarter peal for evensong, 1260 mixed doubles.

September 2004

5th A quarter peal for evensong, 1320 Pettistree Bob Minor

October 2004

3rd A quarter peal for Harvest Festival evensong, 1260 Grandsire Doubles.

6th A quarter peal, 1260 minor, St Clement's, Double Oxford and Plain, to welcome Oliver Michael, a first grandchild for our churchwarden and his wife. Oliver's father, David, learnt to ring with us when the band was formed in 1986.

9th The autumn quarter peal morning was a local affair but two "firsts" were scored for two of our regular visitors, one at Otley, the second at Monewden.

November 2004

7th A quarter peal for evensong, 1320 Quetheck Surprise Minor, a new method for all.

14th A half-muffled quarter before the Remembrance Sunday service, 1260 mixed doubles

21st A peal, 5040 seven surprise minor.

21st The 19th Annual General Meeting. This was hosted by Susan. The business meeting re-elected the officers and fixed dates for the forthcoming year, as well as planning Christmas and New Year Ringing.. All this was interspersed with fine refreshments.

December 2004

5th A quarter peal for evensong, 1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor.

13th 18th Anniversary Peal, 5040 Minor: St Clements, Double Oxford, Plain. (The bells were rededicated on 14th December 1986)

19th A quarter peal immediately before the Carol Service, 1260 Grandsire Doubles.

25th Service ringing on Christmas Day.

31st Ringing out the Old and Ringing in the New.

January 2005

2nd A quarter peal for evensong, 1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor.

12th A well attended practice night with celebrations for Mike's significant birthday.

The Pettistree Cinema Club is a social offshoot of the band organised by Haze and Gill. During 2004 trips were organised to see "Finding Neverland" ....

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