Joe Arbon's Suffolk Punches

At the Woodbridge Horse Show, now held on the Suffolk Show ground, Joe Arbon and Marshland Pioneer, one of his three Suffolk Punch Horses, did very well coming home with cups and rosettes.

Joe also took his tumbril which has an interesting history. It was made by Page and Girling a well known Melton firm, pre 1930, and owned by Fred Smith, bailiff to Captain Wigan of Loudham Hall and owner of Suffolk Seeds Stores, a well known Woodbridge firm in Church Street.

There were six entries in the afternoon class and Pioneer performed extremely well doing different and difficult manoevres with the cart such as backing, not an easy thing for horses to do. Joe was pulled in first against the mixed opposition of a road waggon, a game cart, and an ex Lacon’s Brewery dray. The reward was the B.T. Exact Technologies Perpetual Challenge Cup.

Joe and Pioneer (of course) also won the Mowson Cup for Best Working Horse Turnout. This large cup was given by the late Fred and Ernie Mowson of Wickham Market and probably holds about a gallon. (Of what, Joe?)

Joe will be attending the Suffolk Show on both days, June 6th and 7th with his old implements which he has been doing up over the last eleven to twelve years.

Never one to sit still, he and Vera Ecclestone are in partnership as owners of a new horse. He is two year old Tollemache Bertie who is being prepared for future successes.